12 Jun CCSD Board of School Trustees meeting recap, June 11

Agenda Item 6.01 – Superintendent Communications

Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara provided a statement to the Board of School Trustees regarding barriers affecting education such as funding concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of preparation time that is needed to plan for the upcoming school year.

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Agenda Item 5.05 – COVID-19 Update and the Clark County School District’s Response

The Board of School Trustees were provided with an update on the District’s response to school closures related to COVID-19, the start of and continuation of summer learning opportunities and the Reopening our Schools survey.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Brenda Larsen-Mitchell provided the trustees with information related to the number of student contacts made during the time that campuses were closed. She also discussed the options available to students who are participating in virtual learning over the summer. Larsen-Mitchell stated that information is available in English and Spanish on the summer learning connections website.

Trustees were also given the results of the Reopening Our Schools Family and Community Survey that took place between May 21 and June 1, 2020. Approximately 94,528 responses were submitted for analysis. The survey was designed to address five main questions:

  • What is important to stakeholders when considering children attending school in person?

  • How strongly would stakeholders support different options for Fall 2020?

  • How important are different aspects of distance education?

  • How did CCSD’s emergency distance education affect stakeholders?

  • How prepared for distance education in Fall 2020 do our stakeholders feel?


Approximately 57,701 responses came from parents and guardians, 21,037 came from students, 19,198 school and central office staff responded and community stakeholders accounted for 3,631 responses.

“The results of the Reopening Our Schools Family and Community Survey will be a great resource for district leadership as we move toward the 2020-21 school year,” said CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara. “Looking ahead, it will be imperative that we look at this data to make sure that all voices are heard and we provide safe and educational learning environments for all of our students.”

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Agenda Item 5.04 – Legislative Priorities

Trustees received an update on the proposed Legislative Priorities for the Clark County School District 2021 State Legislative Platform. The key Legislative Priorities include School Funding, Improved Learning Environments and School Safety and Mental Health.

Elements of school funding include preserving the weighted funding formula and ensuring proper weights are described by the Commission on School Funding, ensuring dollars are directly appropriated to the District by the end of the legislative session, and opposing all unfunded mandates.

Under improved learning environments the legislative priorities include preserving current funding and authorizing an additional 25-year period for general obligation bonds for capital improvements, collaborating with the state to invest in digital learning and identifying opportunities to diversify the teacher pipeline.

Finally, under school safety and mental health, the legislative priorities include additional funding to improve school safety and ways to increase, recruit, and retain more school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, student success advocates, and mental health specialists through collaboration with the state.

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New school principal introductions

Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara introduced those who are recommended for hire as a principal with CCSD.

  • Sarah Cyprus – Selected as the new principal for Harriet Treem Elementary School.

    • Most recently served as assistant principal at Harriet Treem Elementary School.