09 Aug CCSD Board of School Trustees Meeting Recap, August 8, 2019

Agenda Item 5.04 – Focus: 2024 Update
The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees received an update from CCSD Chief of Facilities Dave McKinnis in relation to the Focus: 2024 goal of moving away from deferred maintenance. McKinnis provided trustees with maintenance plans for HVAC units to extend the life cycles of the equipment and reduce energy use. The Chief of Facilities says the goal should be to extend the service life of HVAC units at high schools by five to seven years, allowing more money to stay in the classroom. McKinnis also presented the board with plans to improve the efficiency of maintenance teams to reduce drive time and increase the hours spent on improvement projects.

CCSD Chief Financial Officer Jason A. Goudie provided Trustees with an update on the results of a survey about employees’ understanding and the quality of financial information. Sixty-six percent of those surveyed said they agree or strongly agree that the information on Open Book is easy to understand. Goudie told Trustees that the results of the survey will be used as the Business and Finance Unit performs an internal review to develop training and educational plans to meet Focus: 2024 goals.

Trustees received a report on efforts to recognize employees for their commitment to students. CCSD School-Community Partnership Program Assistant Director Shana Venenga presented the board with statistics showing that more than 7,000 employees were recognized during the 2018-19 school year, three times the initial goal. Venenga also outlined strategies to continue highlighting the great work of CCSD employees.

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Agenda Item 3.73 – Gang Suppression Program Grant Application

Trustees approved an application for a new grant to proactively prevent and combat gang activity. The CCSD Police Department plans to use $143,792 in federal funding awarded through the Nevada Office of the Attorney General in partnership with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Officers plan to meet with suspected juvenile gang members or potential recruits and their parents to identify and correct gang activity as an alternative to enforcement. CCSDPD officers will participate in the program on weekends and evenings to avoid affecting staffing the school day.

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