17 May CCSD Board of School Trustees May 16 meeting recap

The Clark County School District Board of School Trustees received a Legislative update on bills that could impact CCSD. Currently, there are approximately 226 bills that could impact CCSD in one way or another.

Trustees were updated on SB 543 which, if passed, would revise Nevada’s funding formula for the K-12 public education system. The first hearing for this bill is expected to occur Tuesday.

Modernizing Nevada’s funding formula remains CCSD’s top legislative priority. CCSD Government Relations staff are in contact with Sen. Mo Denis, Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, and other legislative leaders who are supportive of modernizing Nevada’s 52-year old funding formula.

The bill addresses CCSD’s three biggest concerns with the current funding formula:

  1. The current funding formula is complicated and confusing. This new formula will be more transparent about how the state funds K-12 education.
  2. The current funding formula sometimes reduces state funding when other state or local revenues increase. The new formula ensures that new money intended for K-12 public education stays with K-12 public education.
  3. The current funding formula does not account for the actual costs of educating children. The new formula provides additional funds for students who need more support, such as English Language Learners and special education students. It also adjusts funding based on the needs of smaller school districts, small schools, and areas where cost of living for school employees is higher, such as in Clark County.

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The Board of School Trustees presented a proclamation to the family of late Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson.

Thompson served a distinguished career in public service advocating for those who often could not advocate for themselves, including the homeless, those with criminal records, and students growing up in poverty.

Thompson served as student body president at Valley High School, graduated from Valley, and then graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Criminal Justice. He continued to support the students of the Clark County School District both through his professional work as a success coach and as a community volunteer.

In his four legislative sessions, Thompson established a record of legislation supporting the notion that all students are capable of excellence with the right support.


The CCSD Board of School Trustees also presented Coronado High School senior Olivia Yamamoto with the Board of School Trustees Scholarship for $1,000.

This is the sixth year awarding the scholarship, and the Board Scholarship is funded by current and former Trustee board members.

Seniors who are current members of the School Board Student Advisory Committee were eligible to apply.