Board Agenda Item 5.02 –  Acceleration Academies Agreement

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees approved a new program aimed at helping former students earn their high school diploma and develop the skills needed for high demand jobs. The program, funded by the Workforce Investment Opportunity Board, allows students who left the school system to come back to a very supportive, individualized program until they are 26.

“This program can help students rediscover a love for learning and a career path after they initially decided to leave the school system,” CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara said. “By providing them with what amounts to individualized plans to make sure their needs are met, my hope is that we can reengage these young people and put them on a track to success.”

The program is grant funded and comes at no cost to the district.

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Board Agenda Item 5.01 –  For Corrective Action, Pursuant to NRS 241.0365

A statement from CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara:

“We had hoped to end the evening with a final determination so that the progress toward balancing the budget can continue, but I am absolutely open to continuing the discussion to find a pathway that is comfortable for all parties. We are committed to working with the Board, union leadership and the community to find a viable solution that will lead us to compliance with the State. I do not think anyone wants to eliminate the great programs and resources our students have come to enjoy, but we have a mandate that we cannot ignore to have a balanced budget. Unfortunately, many of the options still on the table will cause tremendous harm to our students, but we are working very hard to reach a common ground.”

Board Agenda Item 5.04 – Food Service Meal Participation

Trustees received an update on the effort to increase participation in school breakfast, lunch and supper. Those efforts include increasing the number of school sites offering supper. One excellent example of a supper program was highlighted at Rancho High School, where practicing football players were served supper along with other students who were doing after-school activities.

Food Services serves more than 46 million meals per year, including 90,000 breakfasts and 150,000 lunches per day.

Plans to increase participation in all three meals include:

  • Increasing points of service at schools by adding breakfast and lunch carts

  • Increasing menu choices and frequency of popular entrees

  • Surveying students about taste and appearance of menu items

The Focus: 2024 Strategic Plan has set goals of 35% student participation in school breakfast, 54% student participation in lunch and 6% student participation in school supper by 2024.

Food Services is funded through federal grants and the cost of meals, and has no impact on the general fund.

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Board Agenda Item 5.05 – Energy Agreement with NV Energy

Trustees approved a new five-year agreement with NV Energy that will provide CCSD with incentive payments for remaining with the public utility provider.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) and NV Energy jointly announced today that they have reached a 5-year agreement on fully bundled electric service, reaffirming their long-standing partnership and bringing added value to CCSD without impacting other NV Energy customer rates.

“NV Energy has always taken a proactive approach to providing CCSD with innovative energy services that help us reduce our energy use, and they have been unrelenting in working with us to create a new solution that meets our evolving business and sustainability needs,” said Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara. “This agreement will provide savings for CCSD that will benefit our students, without raising rates for other NV Energy customers. It is truly a win-win for CCSD students and the customers of NV Energy.”

“CCSD plays a critical role in our community, and we appreciate the opportunity to reach an agreement that will provide them with long-term value and keep them as an NV Energy customer. This energy services plan helps CCSD put more money into the classrooms for the benefit of students in southern Nevada. It is important to note that this agreement will not impact the rates our other customers pay,” said Doug Cannon, president and chief executive officer of NV Energy. “Our customers are demanding an energy partner that can be flexible and responsive to their unique energy needs. We are committed to being that type of energy provider and offering them the solutions that bring added value to their business.”

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