13 Dec CCSD Board of School Trustees Dec. 12, 2019 meeting recap

Agenda Item 6.01 – Amended Final Budget

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees approved the amended final budget that will be submitted to the State of Nevada ahead of the January 1, 2020 deadline.

The general operating budget includes total expenditures of $2.6 billion and an ending fund balance of $95.1 million. The approved budget includes a projected two percent unassigned ending fund balance of $48.9 million for the first time since 2009.

Approximately 87 percent of the general operating fund dollars included in the budget are spent on employee salaries and benefits.

To view documents related to the agreement, click here.

Agenda Item 3.01, 3.02 & 3.03 – Focus: 2024

Trustees received a report on the five-year strategic plan, Focus:2024 and efforts to reduce remediation rates for students entering the Nevada System of Higher Education as well as increase and diversify enrollment in upper-level Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Trustees were presented with strategies being used to expand opportunities for all students, including the changes to the admission criteria for some magnet programs. Staff also highlighted efforts to start students on CTE pathways earlier in their academic careers.

Additionally, the Board of School Trustees were updated on the progress of efforts to decrease the number of student suspensions and the disproportionality rate of suspensions and expulsions. Trustees were provided with information on efforts to expand mental health wraparound services and utilize the Clark County School Justice Partnership to ensure students are held accountable for their actions but still provided continuity and support by educators.

The board received an updated report on the Focus: 2024 goal of providing professional learning among educators. Staff presented trustees with information showing 87 percent of CCSD teachers and 97 percent of school-based administrators participated in professional learning to enhance teaching and learning.

To view the document related to this agenda item, click here for CTE, click here for student discipline and click here for professional learning.

New school principal introductions

Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara started a new initiative at this board meeting to introduce those who are recommended for hire as a principal with CCSD.

Five new school leaders were introduced:

● Jennifer Hamby – Selected as the new principal for Lucille S. Rogers Elementary School.
○ Most recently served as assistant principal at Dr. Claude G. Perkins Elementary School.

● Cecilia Harge-French – Selected as the new principal for Mountain View Elementary School.
○ Most recently an administrator at CCSD.

● Ronald Kamman – Selected as the new principal for Kenneth Divich Elementary School.
○ Most recently Assistant Principal at Shadow Ridge High School.

● Dr. Anthony Marentic – Selected as the new principal for South Academic Center.
○ Most recently assistant principal at Arbor View High School.

● Jessica Robbins – Selected as the new principal for Ruthe Deskin Elementary School.
○ Most recently assistant principal at John Tartan Elementary School.

Additionally, two current CCSD principals transferred to another school within the district.

● Monica Lang – Selected as the new principal for Preparatory Institute, School for Academic Excellence at Charles I. West Hall.
○ Most recently principal at Canarelli Middle School.

● Allison Pokornik – Selected as the new principal for J.T. McWilliams Elementary School.

○ Most recently principal at Burk Horizon/Southwest Sunset High School