CCSD Board of School Trustee Meeting Recap for Dec. 10, 2020

LAS VEGAS – Agenda Item 3.12 – Professional Services Assembly Bill 3 Block Grant and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Nevada Department of Education and United States Department of Education.

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of Panorama Education’s data platform providing schools with another tool to monitor the well-being of students and staff. 

Trustees had a discussion about the Panorama Education data platform indicating this is an investment and starting point to further pursue sustainable options to provide students with proper social-emotional learning and resources in an effective way. They reiterated the importance of continuing to increase the support through the work of dedicated professionals in this area.

Panorama Education partners work with over 1,500 school districts across the country, including the Washoe County School District and the Nevada Department of Education, to collect, analyze, and assist educators to improve student outcomes in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), school climate, family engagement and Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

CCSD will utilize Panorama’s universal SEL and well-being screener for students in Grades 3-12, as well as CCSD staff. 

Data from CCSD assessments will be available to schools within 24 hours of completion. Panorama Education will provide baseline data from districts across the country, enabling CCSD staff to provide early interventions and tiered supports for students when necessary.

Results from the SEL screen completed by staff will only be reported in aggregate data to assist in guiding staff to services and resources as needed.

Funding is provided by the State of Nevada through the Assembly Bill 3 Block Grant and the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund to target mental health supports.

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Agenda Item 10.01 – Trustees Farewell

The CCSD Board of School Trustees congratulated three outgoing Board of School Trustees members for their time with CCSD. Each of the following Board members have served on the Board for 12 years and have termed-out:

  • CCSD Board of School Trustees member Chris Garvey
  • CCSD Board of School Trustees member Deanna L. Wright
  • CCSD Board of School Trustees member Dr. Linda E. Young

“I would like to thank Trustees Garvey, Wright and Young for their hard work and dedication over the past 12 years in service to our students and staff,” said Board President Lola Brooks. “The efforts and accomplishments of these Trustees have been focused on the ultimate goal of student achievement and I thank them tremendously for their commitment to CCSD.”

Agenda Item 5.01 and 5.02 – Naming of School Facilities

Trustees approved the naming of two school facilities brought forward by CCSD’s School Naming Committee for one new elementary school and one new middle school. The Board approved the following two names as school namesakes for CCSD:

  • Hannah Marie Brown School – Ms. Hannah Marie Brown’s life story is one of dedication and commitment to giving back in many arenas, as evidenced by her continuing efforts to provide assistance and encouragement in education. Through her leadership and dedication to the 501(c)(3) Hannah Brown Community Development Corporation, hundreds of CCSD students have received thousands of dollars to continue their education. She negotiated a grant from the Las Vegas Centennial Committee to refurbish her alma mater, Westside Grammar School, to a historical cultural center. Ms. Brown has also served for two decades on various advisory committees for CCSD. Click here to view more information.


  • Barry and June Gunderson School – Raised in Clark County, Barry and June Gunderson’s story traces back to the 1960s, when enrollment for the Clark County School District (CCSD) was around 25,000 students. Graduating from Valley and Clark High Schools in 1970, Barry and June set off to further their education, returning to CCSD as educators in 1974. As educators and administrators, they were instrumental in shaping the District as it expanded to the 320,000-plus students it serves today. Click here to view more information.


Agenda Item 3.34 – Amendment of CCSD Policy 6161

Trustees approved amendments to CCSD Policy 6161 pertaining to school libraries, which recognizes that an effective library is an important and integral part of the educational program in each school, and the school will ensure it has an effective school library. An effective school library includes a certified teacher-librarian and when a certified teacher-librarian is not available, a licensed teacher designee can be temporarily assigned as per regulation.

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Agenda Item 5.03 – 2020-21 Amended Final Budget

CCSD Board of School Trustees unanimously approved the amended final budget that will be submitted to the State of Nevada ahead of the January 1, 2021 deadline.

The general operating budget includes total expenditures of approximately $2.6 billion and an ending fund balance of $86.2 million. The approved budget includes a projected 2.25% unassigned ending fund balance of $54.6 million. Approximately 87 percent of the general operating fund dollars included in the budget are spent on employee salaries and benefits. 

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Agenda Item 5.04 – Employment Agreement – President and General Manager, Vegas PBS 

The Board of School Trustees voted unanimously to approve the contract of Mary Mazur as President and General Manager, Vegas PBS. 

Mazur will replace current Vegas PBS General Manager Tom Axtell who is retiring. Axtell joined Vegas PBS as General Manager in 1994. The Trustees expressed their appreciation to Axtell for his dedication and innovation in advancing Vegas PBS throughout his more than 25 years with the organization.

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