08 Mar CCSD actively works to address safety issues

Given national headlines, the Clark County School District (CCSD) has fielded many questions in recent weeks from students, parents, employees, and the community about the safety of our schools.

CCSD works continuously with its own police department and other law enforcement agencies and the district’s Emergency Management department also works with other agencies across the county to evaluate safety protocols, and to train its staff and students to be prepared in case of an emergency.

The best way to ensure safety for all CCSD students, staff and families is for all adults and students to act as eyes and ears. The district relies on its employees, parents, students and community to say something if they have a safety concern.

• CCSD PD 24-hour anonymous Tip Line: 702-799-0228

• Safety concerns can be expressed to Safe Voice by visiting, or by calling 833-216-SAFE

CCSD recognizes the need to place more adults on each campus – whether they are police officers, counselors, psychologists, teachers, or a combination of all. By increasing the number of adults on campus, the district can decrease class sizes and allow staff to have more interaction with students to identify possible situations and prevent them before they occur.

While the district is seeking ways to obtain additional personnel, here is a list of resources and security measures that the district already has in place:

• Each school has an Emergency Response Plan that outlines procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. These plans are reviewed and revised annually with the assistance of CCSD PD, local law enforcement, fire department and emergency management agencies.

• All CCSD phones are 911 enabled. This allows the district to provide emergency responders with the exact location and classroom number where the call originated. CCSD PD monitors 911 calls, in addition to the municipality that receives the call.

• Law enforcement and fire department personnel have access to schools for emergency situations.

• Security cameras are utilized at schools and offices throughout the district.

• The Transportation Department is phasing in cameras on all district buses. All special education buses currently have cameras, and as the district purchases new buses, all of them are equipped with cameras.

• The ParentLink messaging system provides schools and the district with the ability to provide accurate and timely communications to parents and students utilizing text, phone and email formats.

• Security fencing and gates provide limited and controlled access to our schools.

• Thanks to federal grant funds, within the 2018 calendar year, CCSD schools will each be getting a radio for the principal’s office that will be able to communicate directly with CCSD PD dispatch and have the ability to patch into other agencies.

• All CCSD employees and volunteers have district-issued photo ID badges, and have been fingerprinted to undergo background checks.

• Per Board of School Trustees policy, all schools are required to have a visitor management process.

• CCSD has begun implementation of a pilot first aid program in conjunction with University Medical Center.

• CCSD also has a tremendous resource available to schools in the form of the Crisis Response Team. CRT members respond to schools to provide counseling and support services to students and staff.