01 May ARP ESSER III funding virtual community updates

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of School Trustees has hosted two virtual community updates where progress related to the federal funding CCSD received to support pandemic recovery through the American Rescue Plan (ARP ESSER III) was presented.

You can watch an archive of the May 17 presentation here.

CCSD was allocated approximately $777 million dollars in federal funds over the next three years to help support the needs of students and address the impact of the pandemic on educational outcomes.

Last summer, CCSD partnered with the community through the Focus on the Future for Kids community input-gathering process. The input provided by approximately 13,000 stakeholders, including members of 80+ community groups, informed CCSD’s recovery priorities and helped create a plan to ensure COVID-19 relief and recovery funds are directed where they are needed most.

In the community updates, Board of School Trustee members and CCSD staff shared updates on the spending priorities that were developed in partnership with the community, fulfilling the commitment we made last summer to share progress related to these funds.