14 Mar Update: information regarding student protests and walkouts

To members of our CCSD family,

It has been more than three weeks since the terrible tragedy in Parkland, Florida, and the Clark County School District continues to hear a stream of questions and concerns from students, employees, and families who are worried about school safety.

We share your concern, and we continue to partner with local law enforcement and other agencies throughout Clark County to work to prevent a tragedy like the one in Florida — and to ensure our staff and students are prepared for any type of emergency that might occur at school.

We are also hearing from students who are interested in participating in a national walkout on March 14 regarding school safety. We would like to clarify some misperceptions in the community and reiterate the following:

● It is part of our job as educators to encourage students to be active participants in democracy. We support all students who are willing to take the time to research major issues in the news and express their opinions/advocate for what they think is right. We encourage students to express their opinions through petitions, by speaking up on social media, and by making statements to the media, when appropriate. Some students have approached our administrators about organizing events on campus to talk about school safety. As long as our administrators pre-approve those events and the students remain safe and on campus, this is an appropriate way for students to express themselves.

● Nevada law (NRS 392.040) requires all children between seven and 18 years of age to attend school. Nevada law (NRS 392.130) also requires the district to mark students unexcused and notify their parents if they do not show up to class. CCSD strives to ensure students are safe during the school day, and we cannot monitor the safety of students who walk off of campus without parental or administrative permission. Therefore, students who miss class to engage in non-approved activities will be marked tardy or unexcused. If a student misses more than thirty (30) minutes of the instructional period, the student has missed an essential part of the learning experience. Per Nevada law, students with an unexcused absence should not be permitted to participate in athletic activities on the day of the absence.

● As always, parents can excuse their students for activities outside of the school, as they see fit.

We encourage to speak with your child about this to ensure your child understands CCSD’s policy and knows he or she can go to our administrators with ideas on how to express opinions in a safe and respectful way.

We urge all students and parents to communicate with their school administration if they have continuing concerns or questions about any planned walkouts or the district’s policy on absenteeism.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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