18 Dec 128 Clark County School District teachers newly certified by National Board this year

Nearly 130 Clark County School District teachers learned recently they were newly certified as a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), a successful culmination of a rigorous process that recognizes accomplished teachers. This is a significant increase from the 59 NCBTs recognized last year, likely attributed to programs aimed at supporting teachers through the process provided through the Nevada Great Teaching and Leading Fund (Senate Bill 474, 2015).

According to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, there are now 906 NBCT teachers in Nevada. Of the 154 newly certified NBCTs in Nevada, 128 are from CCSD. (To view the entire list of CCSD teachers who are newly certified, click here.)

Of the 73 schools in the United States that had at least four or more new NBCTs in 2018, nine of those schools came from CCSD, an impressive achievement. Those schools are:

  • Basic Academy of International Studies
  • Charles and Phyllis Frias Elementary School
  • Del Webb Middle School
  • Eileen B. Brookman Elementary School
  • Jack and Terry Mannion Middle School
  • Lawrence & Heidi Canarelli Middle School
  • Sig Rogich Middle School
  • West Career and Technical Academy
  • Western High School


Teacher Andrea Jydstrup-McKinney, an NBCT who is a biotechnology program leader at West Career and Technical Academy, said “the process was rigorous, requiring me to take a deep dive into my practice and analyze and reflect on what I do in my classroom.”

Jydstrup-McKinney, who also is a National Board candidate facilitator through the Clark County Education Association (CCEA), notes that this “is all about developing teacher leadership, and we are embracing that in Clark County. We tap advanced candidates and new NBCTs to serve as facilitators for future candidates.”

Cortney Junior High School Teacher Jessica Maloy, a newly certified NBCT, notes in a blog that the “process stretched my mind, it refocused my teaching pedagogy, and it opened my heart.”

Maloy adds that the “journey toward National Board certification motivated me, and I was excited to go to work; I was happy to see the kids, and I wanted more than anything to make each one improve and become a lifelong lover of education.”

To read more of Maloy’s insights, view her full post, “Student Centered: Reflections from a New NBCT,” written for the Nevada National Board Professional Learning Institute.

Last week the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards declared December 10-14 as #TeamNBCT Week in recognition of more than 122,000 NBCTs in the United States.

To learn more CCEA’s National Board Certification candidate support, click here.