22 Aug Superintendent’s Budget Task Force to help with budget shortfall

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky announced the formation of the Superintendent’s Budget Task Force composed of community business leaders to assist the Clark County School District (CCSD) with its recently announced budget shortfall.

The Task Force will work with new CCSD Chief Financial Officer Jason Goudie to examine the district’s current budget challenges. The district is currently closing the 2016-17 financial results but final budget amounts have not been determined.

“I appreciate that Superintendent Skorkowsky and his staff are examining ways to improve our processes,” said Board of School Trustee President Deanna L. Wright. “The district is experiencing significant change through the reorganization and there are some challenging issues which need to be addressed. We want to assure our students, families, employees and the community that we are doing everything we can to implement best budgeting practices, and we are thankful that the business community is willing to help us improve.”