16 Dec Superintendent announces new organizational chart

On Dec. 16, Clark County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky announced administrative reorganization changes in an effort to provide enhanced support to schools that fall in line with the priorities of Assembly Bill 394 (AB 394). The new organizational chart shifts the roles and responsibilities for all divisions, to include central services, and establishes schools as the priority and central services as the foundation to support the schools.

“I’m excited to announce the reorganization in our district to align with the focus of AB 394,” said Superintendent Skorkowsky. “The intent is to ensure that all central services shift to a customer service model and focus on support to schools.”

These changes will be implemented effective Jan. 3, 2017. Key leadership realignments include:

· Deputy Superintendent Kim Wooden will oversee all non-school-based instructional functions to include ancillary support systems of the district and direct supervision to the Chief Instructional Services Officer.

· Chief Student Achievement Officer Mike Barton, Instruction Unit, will be assigned to provide functional support to the School Associate Superintendents as Chief Academic Officer, Academic Unit.

· The position of Chief Instructional Services Officer, Instructional Service Unit, will be advertised and will report directly to Deputy Superintendent Kim Wooden. Mrs. Billie Rayford will assume responsibilities for the role as Interim Chief Instructional Services Officer until the position is filled.

· Chief of Staff Rick Neal has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer, Operational Services Unit, and will report directly to the Superintendent.

As Chief Operating Officer, Rick Neal will continue to serve CCSD by providing additional oversight of district operations to ensure services and objectives fall in line with the Superintendent’s vision and goals of the reorganization.

“We are thrilled to appoint a retired Air Force Colonel and 25-year military veteran to take the helm of this new position as we embark on carrying out these strategic and significant changes to our operational procedures,” said Superintendent Skorkowsky.

These changes are focused on the overarching goal of improving academic achievement for all CCSD students.

Click here to review the modified organization chart.