12 Jul Immunize Nevada says “Don’t Wait… Vaccinate!”

Is your family up to date on immunizations? Kindergarten students and other children enrolling in a Nevada school for the first time must provide schools with an official immunization record showing that the child has received the required immunizations. Click here for more information from Immunize Nevada.

Under Nevada law, all students who are entering the seventh grade, and all students who are in grades eight through high school and are new to a Nevada public school, will be required to have the 1-MCV4 (Meningococcal) immunization. This is the most recent addition to required immunizations in order to be enrolled in a public school. Students entering grade seven are already required to have a Tdap vaccination. For a complete list of immunization requirements, visit

Clark County School District (CCSD) Health Services Director Lynn Row said, “CCSD does not do immunizations, so we are encouraging parents to contact their family physician or the Southern Nevada Health District to make arrangements for their child to receive the new required immunization or any of the immunizations that apply to their child.”

Because CCSD is starting its school year two weeks earlier than usual on Monday, Aug. 14, long lines are expected for immunization services and the closer it gets to the start of the school year, longer wait times can be anticipated. Students will not be permitted to attend classes without the proper proof of immunizations. For additional information, click here.

The Southern Nevada Health District is also offering immunizations. Click here for details.