Greta Peay

09 Aug Dr. Greta Peay named chief instructional services officer

As part of the ongoing reorganization of the Clark County School District (CCSD) to provide autonomy to schools, Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky has announced the hiring of Dr. Greta Peay as the chief instructional services officer. Peay joined CCSD in 1987 after working in the Charlotte-Macklenburg School System as an elementary and middle school teacher and principal. Peay then served in CCSD as a teacher, literacy and English Language Learner specialist, regional trainer, and a variety of central office positions. She has served as the director of Equity and Diversity Education (EDE) Department for the past seven years. In her new capacity, Peay will continue to oversee EDE, and she will also serve as the liaison to the superintendent for the Transfer of Responsibilities Working Group, which is examining how the district can give schools more autonomy. She will also work on issues of disproportionality to ensure equity for all students in the district.