01 May Clark County School District statement on the passage of AB469

Gov. Brian Sandoval is expected to sign Assembly Bill (AB469) this week, a bill regarding the Clark County School District’s (CCSD) reorganization. Several CCSD Board of School Trustees members and Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky held a news conference today at at Helen Jydstrup Elementary School. They also issued the following statements:

Statement from Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky:

“For the past six months, we have been implementing a massive transformation of the Clark County School District, an effort we call Clark County Schools Achieve.

“CCSD leadership continues to have concerns about the legislation governing the reorganization, and we hope to work with legislators and others to resolve these issues. However, we are very serious about implementing the reorganization.

“We have formed School Organizational Teams, made up of parents, teachers, support staff, and community members, at each of our 351 schools.

“And we have changed the guiding principles of our organization – moving from a method of central office compliance toward a method where local schools are empowered to drive student achievement.

“In the coming months and years, we will continue to collaborate to ensure that local schools have the increased authority and resources they need to drive student achievement.”

CCSD Board of School Trustees President Deanna L. Wright:

“We believe that educators and parents in local schools drive student achievement – and that local schools should be empowered to do what they need to do to ensure student success.

“Our board continues to have concerns about how this legislation was created and the serious impacts it could have on our employees as we work to increase authority for schools.

“However, on the whole, we believe this is the right work to empower local school communities and drive student achievement in our district. It is now time for CCSD leaders to support the implementation of Clark County Schools Achieve and work to ensure it best benefits our students, employees, and community.”

CCSD Board of School Trustees Vice President Linda E. Young:

“The past two years have created concerns from trustees and staff at the Clark County School District. The legislation passed requiring the reorganization of the district created many unanswered questions, yet our schools and district staff have continued to work to implement AB 469 (previously AB 394).

“While we still hope to work with legislators and others to answer district, school, and community questions, it continues to be our commitment as trustees to support this effort and work to communicate these changes to our community. Our primary focus continues to be student success in all phases of educational achievement and providing clarity regarding this process to our school district staff, parents, students, and community.”

CCSD Board of School Trustees Clerk Carolyn Edwards:

“The CCSD Board of School Trustees is united in our vision to engage with our families and the community to ensure every child has access to a quality education.

“While we continue to have concerns about some aspects of the reorganization, we are committed to unifying and helping to implement the reorganization so it works for our students, employees, and for our community.”

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