Established in 1956, the Clark County School District (CCSD) is the number one choice for families and students. We educate 320,000 students – offering a variety of nationally recognized programs, including Magnet Schools, Career and Technical Academies, and Advanced Placement programs. Through these programs – plus our online secondary school and our open enrollment offerings – we offer the best choices to meet individual student needs. As the nation’s fifth-largest school district, we have the ability to provide additional services such as a school police department, adult education courses, and innovative community partnerships with Vegas PBS and The Public Education Foundation. CCSD educates 75 percent of the students in Nevada, and works closely with community partners and business leaders to educate the workers needed to strengthen our economy

Year Established



CCSD Board of Trustees
Lola Brooks, President – District E
Linda P. Cavazos, Vice President – District G
Danielle Ford, ClerkDistrict F
Irene A. Cepeda, Member, District D
Chris Garvey, Member – District B
Deanna L. Wright, Member – District A
Dr. Linda E. Young, Member – District C


2019 Work Sessions and Regular Board Meeting Schedule
2019 Board Meeting Agendas


Dr. Jesus F. Jara, Superintendent
Dr. Diane Gullett, Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Mike Barton, Chief College, Career, and Equity Officer
Dr. Christopher Bernier, Chief of Staff
Jason Goudie, Chief Financial Officer
Nadine Jones, Chief Human Resources Officer
Mike Casey, Chief Operations Officer
Eleissa Lavelle, General Counsel
Dr. Brenda Larsen-Mitchell, Chief Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Officer
Maria Marinch, Chief Communications and Government Relations Officer
Debbie Brockett, Region Superintendent
Grant Hanevold, Region Superintendent
Dr. Karla Loria, Region Superintendent


“All students progress in school and graduate prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society.”

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Back to School Reporter
Reportero de Regreso a la Escuela

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Just the Facts

A summary of key points on issues impacting CCSD

Finance Friday

A series of videos dealing with the topic of the CCSD budget deficit

Setting the Record Straight

A summary that clears up misinformation and misunderstandings on CCSD and education-related topics

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Nevada Report Card

Open Book

An overview of CCSD’s budget — easily accessible to the public

Nevada Report Card

The State of Nevada’s website on state, district and school level educational data