JVQ winners March 18 2017

21 Mar 312 students take part in Junior Varsity Quiz tournament

312 students from 34 middle schools, along with their coaches, took part in the Junior Varsity Quiz tournament at Harney Middle Schol on March 18. The room winners were as follows:

Blue League
Lawrence JHS
O’Callaghan MS
Saville MS
Schofield MS
Woodbury JHS

Silver League
Leavitt MS
Miller MS
Rogich MS
Webb MS

Pictured are the team captains of the four silver league teams that competed in the semifinal match after the tournament. As a result of that match, Leavitt MS and Webb MS will compete in the Silver League Final Match on March 31 at 3 p.m. at Vegas PBS. For more information, call Student Activities Project Facilitator Kristin Grimm at (702) 799-8474.